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Pulseritas by Kayla



Welcome to Pulseritas by Kayla!

My name is Kayla Ruby Murillo and I am the 21-year old business owner of Pulseritas by Kayla. I first started this as one of my projects that I would work on for fun, but later grew in an immense amount of love through the patterning and designing of each individual bracelet so then I decided to expand. I hand-make all my products with love as well as travel to different countries to bring my customers foreign hand crafted jewelry as well. I hope you like my handmade pieces as much as I enjoy making them for you!

Handmade Products


Meet our ambassadors.

Meet the passionate and dedicated team behind Pulseritas by Kayla, where our ambassadors are crucial members  of our team. Our team is committed to bringing you the best in handmade pulseritas and creating connections with our customers.

Popular Products

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